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SEM is fundamentally about making potential customers aware of your business and driving them in for conversion to leads & sales...

What is Search-Engine Marketing?

Search-Engine Marketing can generally be defined as generating sales and/or capturing leads & enquiries from potential customers who are surfing or searching the Internet.

Traditionally, this has meant trying to get your website into the main search-engine's (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) organic rankings - so that it shows up when a potential customer types in a commercially relevant 'keyword phrase'. This specific service is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Commercial online marketing also includes PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising - which includes Google AdWords, Facebook Ad's & banner advertising etc. These are ads that are designed to be triggered when certain keywords or phrases are searched on. Each time a person clicks on the ad, they are sent to the advertiser's website, and the advertiser is charged for that one 'click' only. i.e. You only pay when someone 'asks' to see your advert. This is how Google, Bing and Yahoo make billions of dollars every year.

PPV (Pay Per View) also provides a similar option, but you pay for each ad displayed, rather than a specific user-click.

Effective online marketing lies in a comprehensive strategy that maximises multiple areas synergistically. PPC often brings in the first results, and is used to test the market and keywords needed. But SEO must be kicked off as early as possible, as it takes time (weeks and sometimes months) to build consistent results. Once SEO results start to trickle in, you benefit from a growing 'snowball' of leads/enquiries with an effective zero acquisition cost - something that all businesses should aspire to! Contact us today to discuss a customised SEO solution for your business...

Why Choose Evolve SEM ?

14 years of successful commercial delivery

We've been providing commercial SEM, SEO, IT and E-Commerce services since 2004, and have our own web/software development team. We practice what we preach, and have been heavily involved with our own successful online marketing projects & tools development throughout.

Over 2,000 clients served across 50+ countries

With over 2,000 clients and hundreds of agencies served - many of which have been with us for several years - we have both the real-world experience and pedigree to deliver. We are a truly international operation and have clients all over the world.

A proven technical research & development history

With years of empirical testing and analysis across tens of thousands of domains, we consider ourselves leading-class technical SEO's. We have thousands of online marketers and agencies that have used our tried-and-tested bespoke software tool-sets and solutions.

We talk your language and take the time to understand you

So often, technical ability doesn't translate into a client-friendly jargon-free conversation. We offer a down-to-earth plain-speaking approach, and have operated in hundreds of different markets/verticals. We always take the time to properly understand YOUR business and goals.

Download Our FREE SEM & SEO Guide

Our free PDF introduction will explain the basics of Search-Engine Marketing, Search-Engine Optimisation and Reputation Management. If you're not that familiar with the industry, then this will be a good starting point and provide some of the essential understanding and terminology. Just click on the icon.

What Some Of Our Clients Say...

From start to finish, Jason held our hand throughout the entire process. We're now finally in control of our business, and our web-traffic and conversions are up!
Clyde D : Manchester, UK
We've worked with several consultants over the years, but this is the first time someone has really understood us. Our eyes have been opened to several new opportunities...
John W, London, UK
I only wish we'd found you sooner; we'd have saved a lot of wasted time, money and effort. Finally, someone who really understands our business and needs!
Keith R, Texas, USA
It's been a refreshing experience! Being a small operation, we never really saw the need for reputation management, but now it's finally clicked. My only regret is that I can't turn back the clock and get on top of it sooner...
Wendy S, New York, USA

Need To Discuss YOUR Requirements?

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to commercial online marketing: Contact us today for an informal chat.

Search-Engine Marketing

SEM is fundamentally about making potential customers aware of your business - and then driving them in for conversion to leads & sales...

Search-Engine Optimisation

SEO requires an in-depth understanding of the factors that affect your ranking, and which commercial phrases need to be targeted...

Reputation Management

It's enormously important in today's information-rich culture to ensure that your public reputation is correctly and ethically managed...

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From simple web-design to full e-commerce systems and bespoke online software solutions, we have the experience to make it work...